1200 Calorie Keto Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss A 7-Day Kickstart


The keto weight loss diet is a very low-carb, high-fat way of eating that is like to low-carb diets. It requires a significant reduction in carbohydrates in your keto weight loss diet and changes these 1200 calorie with fat. The low-carb intake your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Your body then becomes very capable at burning fat for energy.

Guidelines for your 1200 calorie keto weight loss meal plan

  1. comprise healthy fats, lots of protein, and minimal carbohydrates
  2. Plan out a 1200 calorie keto weight loss meal plan (at least) before you jump in
  3. Focus on flavor! Make sure you’re enjoying your meals to ward off monotony.
  4. Make sure you’ve got snacks handy, whether they’re store-bought or homemade. (Check out the chocolate-covered cherries below.)

Our 1200 calorie keto Diet Plan PDF for weight loss is so satisfying you may not even feel like you’re trying to lose weight! As you’ll see when making and enjoying these recipes, the portions are generous and it’s difficult to reach 1200 calories without having some extra dessert.

A Note About Sustainable Weight Loss

A ketogenic diet for weight loss is a helpful tool – but it’s not comprehensive. These simple recipes can get you started, but for a holistic approach to weight loss, check out Noom. We offer community support, expert coaching, and endless recipe ideas to help you lose weight sustainably. But sufficient about us – let’s get to the 1200 calories keto diet weight loss meal plan!

Breakfast: Ketogenic Classic Bacon and Eggs

A new spin on an old classic, these eggs and bacon are complemented by grape tomatoes and fresh basil so you can slot in a little extra flavor and nutrients into your diet. Enjoy it any day of the week as a breakfast staple. This recipe serves one person and can be eaten frequently as part of your ketogenic weekly diet plan.

Lunch: Ketogenic Cobb Egg Salad

This ketogenic weight loss diet cobb egg salad recipe is so good and satisfying you won’t believe you’re eating something that qualifies as ‘diet’ food. As a meal, this recipe serves up to six people and contains only 315 calories per serving, but it can easily be made for snacking during 1200 calories 7-day meal prep with the portions not working even further and served with celery or another keto-friendly plunging ingredient.

Snack: Vegan Keto Chocolate Covered Cherries

These chocolate covered cherry treats are a great snack to make ahead of time and pop in your mouth between meals. They have no animal derived ingredients and are great for those following a vegan ketogenic diet as well. The best part about this healthy little snack? There are only 67 calories in each serving and they are basically dessert!

Dinner: Ketogenic Chicken Enchilada Soup

Servings: 4, Serving Size: 2 cups, Calories: 300, Total Fat: 11 g, Net Carbs: 9, Protein: 33 g

This daylong 1200 calories ketogenic weight loss recipe meal plan allows for a little extra snack or dinner portion. You can have either 1-4 chocolate covered cherries or up to a whole extra portion of Ketogenic Chicken Enchilada Soup and you’ll still be safely within your 1200 calorie limit.


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