Adam Schiff: ‘We May All Be Moving to Canada Soon’ DO YOU AGREE?

Schiff made the comment during the “Social Media Disinformation and Election Interference” forum at George Washington University as the moderator called on Dominic LeBlanc, a Canadian Member of Parliament, to speak.
During another section of the discussion, Schiff said he gets the “sense that something is changing on Twitter, that maybe we’ve hit the last straw for what Twitter’s management will take in terms of whether they’re seeing how their site is being used.”
On the Facebook issue, the legislator said the technology giant “needs to be pulled and dragged into this era of corporate responsibility.”
“Economic opportunities are just too strong for the status quo to continue,” he said.
“I have the feeling with regard to Google-YouTube that their policy is to avoid scrutinizing the other channels and to reveal as little as possible unless proven otherwise,” he said. “It’s not unlike the President’s opinion — although I’m sure they won’t like this comparison — that there’s no virus if you don’t check it.
There’s no question if they don’t discuss it if they don’t show it, and then nothing I suppose from the hearing shook those experiences, but time will tell. Schiff’s stance on Canada is reminiscent of promises made by a host of liberal Hollywood celebrities who vowed and cut off from heading north if Donald Trump, then-candidate, won the 2016 presidential election.
Girls founder Lena Dunham was among those stars, having once said that if Trump won the White House, there was a “100 percent” chance she would travel to Canada. Actress Barbra Streisand claimed in October 2018 that she was considering moving to Canada if the House Republicans retained their majority in the midterm election.

“Never in our lifetime have we had a situation where the health of you and your family is dependent on your fellow citizens to do the right thing,” he said.

“A phased opening could expand the category of ‘essential traveler,’ but (include) certifying some way that you are adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s protocol as it relates to stopping the spread of COVID-19.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, a pro-trade conservative and longtime champion of Canada-U.S. ties, has been among those urging zero tolerance at the border until the crisis in the U.S. has passed — a position spokeswoman Ivana Yelich reiterated Friday.


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