After NBA And MLB Open Season With BLM Protests – Even After A Long Sports Break, Their Ratings Are Going Down The Tubes


What’s Happening:

After a long, COVID-induced absence, several professional sports leagues are returning, but not how most people expected.

There’s a new addition to your sports viewing: heavy political messaging from liberals.

Both the NBA and MLB allowed kneeling for the National Anthem, as well as other content that celebrated progressive group, Black Lives Matter.

This is how it worked out for them:

With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned-in to the rest of the week’s games…

For good measure, Strauss also pointed out that baseball can’t blame the coronavirus. The virus didn’t stop people from watching Tom Brady golf with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson back in May.

After both the NBA and MLB’s opening nights celebrated social justice causes, their ratings plummeted the next night.

The NBA lost millions of viewers from the first night to the next. During MLB’s second night of games, only one game managed to hit 1 million viewers.

This comes after months of zero sports for either league. Experts predicted a massive surge of support from fans, after this COVID drought.

Instead, fans quickly tuned out, after realizing both leagues were pushing radical, divisive politics.

Nearly every player knelt during the National Anthem. It appears that, with stadiums empty of fans, the players felt emboldened to show how they really felt about America.

That did not go over well.

Only one player in the NBA, literally ONE, stood for the Anthem. But tragically soon after, he suffered a major injury.

EPSN went on to mock him, posting a poll to ask if fans thought it was funny that he blew his knee.

Yet, oddly enough, the sports industry doesn’t understand why fans are leaving it!

EPSN, other sports networks, and the leagues themselves have been bowing to the “woke mob.”

For years, Americans have told them loud and clear that they don’t support BLM or players who kneel.

In response, the leagues have accelerated their embracing of these radical politics.

With stadiums empty, you’d think these games would have viewers in the double-digit millions. Instead, they are finding other things to watch.

Compare that to Trump’s rally in Tulsa, which saw low attendance because of COVID. However, over 16 million people watched from home.

It seems Americans are telling sports teams what they really think of them.

Are you watching basketball or baseball with these protests continuing?


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