Fashion Trends, Styles for Women In USA Of 2020


Fashion trends are always changing. The clothes we wear depends on the season but we are inspired by what the celebrities are wearing and what we see in fashion shows. Although, everyday people can’t afford buying clothes from famous designers, if you know what items are prefered and how to match them, then you can easily recreate expensive outfits.

What are the main fashion trends of 2019/2020?

The experts featured in this post are fashion influencers, some blog about fashion while others are also designers. They all are very experienced and knowledge regarding fashion and they shared with us their opinions. They talked about what are the trendiest styles, items, fabrics, and also about how the fashion industry is changing its mentality becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable.

The main fashion trends for 2019/2020 are pastels, bold colors, monochromatic looks, feathers, and skirts in general – we have not seen a lot of skirts for a while now and people are tired of jeans.We saw all these trends during fashion week in September, but more importantly, these are the trends that feel the most fresh and have not been oversaturated the past few years if not the past decade, so it will have staying power.

This Spring/Summer 2020 season is one we are really excited about fashion, and we know you will be too. Designers gifted us with collections that were the perfect marriage of wearable and innovative. The trends you’ll see highlighted for you below are the ones we saw repeated most frequently throughout the collections. They’re the ones that are the most digestible and the ones we’re predicting will be the heavy hitters all season long fashion. Our list includes an assortment of styles that are equal parts fresh and nostalgic. With that being said, it is with great excitement that we present to you our official spring/summer 2020 trend guide. Just keep scrolling to dive in.

 Spring/Summer 2020 or Fall/Winter 2020, have no fear. I took a good, long look at what designers will be offering in the next year and put together a list of 12 different fashion trends we’ll all see throughout 2020.

Whether you’re someone who likes to plan their wardrobes months in advance or just like to keep ahead of the trends, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for below. From the runways of Caroline Herrera, Off-White, Miu Miu and more, there are so many trends of which to be aware. Get ready to done some ruffles, polka dots and colorful leather ensembles in 2020. These trends are big, bold and statement-making. 2020 is leaving absolutely no one in the shadows.

10 Fashion Experts In USA

Here the ten top fashion experts in USA:

  • Vanessa Valiente – V-Style
  • Monique Loveless
  • Whitney Wanders
  • Ms Nicole René
  • Heather Loduca
  • Shanna Battle
  • Keicia Shanta
  • Nicole Quiroz
  • Preeti Mathur
  • Malvika Sheth


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