Harsha Bhogle Reacts To The Test | A New Era For Australia’s Team


This is the umpires, having a chat to Cameron Bancroft I think they are asking him about what does he have in his pocket You know every game has its conventions that are… that project people to be nice, but purely from what gentlemen do, I don’t think any game has ever been a gentlemen’s game. Hard. Tough. Unrelenting. Uncompromising… You won’t get an inch of space from them on the field. I love their style, I don’t like the abuse but otherwise love the way they play their cricket. Not possible. *Laughs* If you take Shah Rukh Khan out of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, is there anything left to the movie? There are pillars for every building. India is a pillar. England is a pillar. Australia is a pillar. You take away the pillar and the edifice will start to become very weak. World Cricket will be unimaginable without Australia.

Ball tampering is changing the nature of the ball, to allow the bowler an advantage that you wouldn’t otherwise have got with the natural condition of the ball. My first reaction was… ‘Surely they are cleverer than that’ 25-30 High-definition cameras. There isn’t a place to hide on the ground anymore. Given that, for someone to pull out something as stark as yellow, and I said ‘somewhere, someone has been a little silly’. If you look at it, it was not that big a crime, but when you’re in Australia and you’rethe captain of the Australian cricket team, in the eyes of the people, you are as big as the Prime Minister. You are such a big part of society. Then to be seen, to be cheating, you fall from grace like that. So what was not such a large offence on a cricket field, becomes a huge offence in society. You look at David Warner, what’s your first impression of David Warner? Street smart, tough, he gets into a scrap with you. What does he do at press conference?

He’s in tears, he’s crying. Steve Smith is in tears going off the airport. When he gets into that press conference, his father actually puts his arm around him and takes him away, because he cant hold back the tears. Cameron Bancroft does that. And all of a sudden, here’s this image, right? Of this…. tough Aussie, who takes on all comers, doesn’t take a backward step and suddenly they are crying in press conferences That was the level of emotion that was bubbling under. The first thing that they would have come face to face with was ‘Is this really happening to us?’ ‘Were we actually caught?’ ‘Did we actually do this?’ ‘What happens next?’ ‘Are we actually going to play without Smith and Warner?’ So there would have been a sense of almost panic, a sense of uncertainty about where to go next.

The next day’s play would have been further far away from their minds The next test? as far away as home was from where they were in South Africa So I don’t think there would have been calm head in there, because if there was a calm head in there, they would’ve not gone for that press conference, they would not have done that in the first place. To tell you the truth about comebacks, they are much harder than they look. It’s not a movie where you know the script. There’s a new animal inside of you, called ‘Doubt’ Suddenly you ask yourself ‘Can I make it again on the big stage? can I not?’ So, you’re like a kid walking out for the first time and that is the great thing about seeing Smith and Warner come back The teammates…. huge sense of relief. It’s like a fish trying to survive out of water. Both Steve Smith and David Warner went through that process.

And that is the great thing about seeing Smith and Warner come back So from that point of view, lot of relief for the team But a lot of doubts for those two I knew Smith would come good eventually, I was very keen to see about Warner. If you’re Virat Kohli or Steve Smith, you’ve had a bad day you’ve had a bad day in front of 10 million people And remember in sport, you win and you lose in front of everybody. And so, when you come back into the dressing room suddenly those 10 million people are not there, and you can be yourself all over again. Is that a tear? Are they angry? That’s why you want to see shows like these, because they take you where you won’t have access to and suddenly when you do have access to that, you realise just how fascinating this sport is. That’s why its groundbreaking. For people who… who enjoy seeing things happening in front of them. It’s in front of your eyes, and you don’t know what’s going to happen next It’s all true. Real life drama. If you like that, then you’ll like the show The real test, that Australia went through watch ‘THE TEST’ only on Amazon Prime Video


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