The U.S. Constitution is highly and totally against the country liaising with their enemies, through giving or receiving aids and Comfort.

Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs and other deadly substances, they are terrorist bringing death and crimes to the great people of America.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in bed with enemies of the states that are disguised as friends, she does this by providing them aids and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by United States of America’s taxpayers money, but she refuses to protect America citizens by refusing to fund the country’s border wall, leaving the border unsafe and Wide open to hoodlums and drug Traffickers.

America has become a business hub for Mexican drug lords.

Allowing the illegal aliens access to the country is a great danger to every single citizen of this great country, our jobs are also not safe because cheap labor is coming in through the porous borders. America is now prone to crime more than ever.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi want Tax to be Imposed on Retirement Income(this means the retirement package which is surposed to be your last means of survival will be drastically reduced by Tax) which is very unfair. This policy, if implemented will cut short the life span of every average American. How will you feel if you know your future is being taxed and its not

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Nancy Pelosi has shown she cares more about illegal Aliens to the citizens of this country, this is in violation of her oath of office to up hold the laws and Constitution of the United States therefore putting the loving people of this great country in serious predicament.

Nancy Pelosi is a great danger to national security and the American people in general and she must be indicted and jailed. You now have a part to play in this whole saga, do your part and let the American courts do the rest.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s support for lying and fraudulent Adams Schiff who had to formulate an entire conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine is a discussion for another day.

Less than two percent of illegal aliens are picking crops of America farmers, but 29 percent are on welfare. Over 70 percent of the United State’s annual population growth and over 90 percent of California, Florida, and New York is dominated by immigrants. The most shocking part is 29 percent of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens mostly from Mexico convicted for Drugs and other drug related crimes. This are enough reasons to support president Trump’s fight to Close the border by building a wall but Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats doesn’t want that, they prefer the way American is “crime ridden”.


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