NASCAR Files for Bankruptcy as a Result of Conservative Boycotts


NASCAR made a horrible business decision when they tried to silence the free speech of millions of Americans by denying them their right to fly the confederate flag. However, it seems their comeuppance was swift, as they have already been forced to file bankruptcy as a result of a successful conservative boycott of all things NASCAR.a

We asked NASCAR for comment, and their spokesman, Joe Barron, gave us this statement:

This just proves what conservative patriots have always known – that Republicans matter and they demand to be heard. If liberals don’t do what we like, we can pretend to do something like boycotting.

It works – just like it did when we boycotted Target for letting grown men use the ladies’ room. And now we pretend to care when they get looted. The country will start to listen to conservatives now that we have hit their wallets.

  • From its Confederate flag ban to the noose incident involving Bubba Wallace, NASCAR has undergone some substantial changes over the past few weeks.
  • With all of these events impacting NASCAR, it stands to reason that the racing league will see a shift in its fanbase.
  • The team at used trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data to determine which US states have the most calls to boycott NASCAR.
  • Missouri residents produced the most tweets with hashtags like #boycottnascar, #nascarboycott, and more.
  • Surprisingly, a number of the states most supportive of a NASCAR boycott are not located in the South


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