Pelosi Forced Her Church To Open Despite Government Closure Order


The laws never apply to Democrats. They make up all these rules for us little people to follow, but they themselves completely disregard them. This is why Nancy Pelosi’s latest act of disregard for the law comes as no surprise.

As everyone knows by now, the government has closed down all businesses including churches during this pandemic. This was done as a precaution for public safety, so you would think Pelosi would understand why it’s so important to follow the orders. But apparently she doesn’t care, she abused her power, and selfishly demanded her church be opened for her friends and family.

She thinks she is exempt from the rule of law and her selfishness may end up costing people their lives as the infection spreads. She needs to be held accountable and removed from office at once.

Senator Joe Barron has demanded an investigation:

“Pelosi is corrupt and needs to go. She can’t just pretend there are no laws in this country. We are a nation of law and order! Anyone opening up churches at a time like this actually deserves to be in prison. They will be charged with manslaughter if anyone dies. I can promise you that much.”

We hope Pelosi gets kicked out of office. She’s a no-good lying thief of joy and she needs to go to a nursing home for her remaining days! If anyone in these churches dies, the blood is on her hands.


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