the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be coming with insane displays and I’ll be sharing all the details

so more and more leaks are flooding in for the Samsung Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20 is we’re now expecting it to be cooled and the smartphone looks incredible

just a few days ago Samsung confirmed that their launch which is the unpacked 2020 event is gonna take place on the 11th of February in San Francisco if this event will be seeing the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 along with the new folding phone from Samsung while it is the second-generation falling phone from Samsung I don’t think it’s gonna be branded under galaxy fold – and it may be under a new range the main excitement however seems to be around

the galaxy s20 and we now have news of an incredible display for all three models ice universe has already provided us with images of the screen protectors showing us that all three models are gonna have large screens and minimal bezels and his latest tweet tells us that all three models will have a hundred and twenty Hertz displays as well as this it shows us the new naming scheme that ice universe believes we’ll be seeing or last year we had the e the standard and the Plus model for the S range this year ice universe believes that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is going to be the most affordable model we then have the galaxy s20 plus which is the mid-sized model and finally we have the galaxy s20 ultra which is the largest of the three

this does actually make sense as some of you may have seen it the S10 lite and the note 10 lite being showcased at CES with the new namings it would be more suitable for an S20 lite in the future when it comes to the samsung galaxy s20 range it seems the focus this time round is displaying cameras while Samsung have always provided us with incredible displays it’s in the camera department that they have allowed other manufacturers to surpass this time around when it comes to the cameras we’ve got reports to suggest all three models of the Samsung Galaxy S20 are gonna have a 48 megapixel telephoto that will offer five times optical zoom its previous models featured a 12 megapixel camera so this is a huge improvement

the report suggests that the phone’s gonna contain a periscope module that doesn’t protrude from the galaxy s20 and may be part of the reason we see a bit of a camera bump on the rear of the S20s this along with the 108 megapixel primary sensor should mean we get incredible photos and videos from the smartphone and there have been many rumors about a 100 times space zoom we’ve also had leaks for all three batteries of the galaxy s20 and their big improvements on the predecessors

battery capacity has always been a common complaint from users so something that will no doubt be welcomed the smaller galaxy s20 is reportedly gonna have a 3730 milliamp hour battery which is much larger than its predecessors 3100 the galaxy s20 plus is going to be using either the note 10 plus is 4300 or the a 71 s 4500 milliamp hour battery and the galaxy s20 Ultra is going to be using a huge 5,000 milliamp hour battery and this is apparently going to be supplied by LG given that LG are the world’s largest lithium ion battery producer than it does seem likely

we’ve had many stunning renders from popular leakers and concept designers that showcased all three models of the samsung galaxy s20 we’ve had 360 renders of each model along with more cinematic approaches from others when it comes to the Galaxy S20 range it will again be getting three versions this time round the Galaxy S20 the galaxy s 20 plus and the galaxy s20 ultra the largest model the samsung galaxy s 20 Ultra is going to feature a full screen at 6.9 inch curved display it has a punch or camera top center and it’s gonna be a 120 Hertz dynamic AMOLED display although the display is curved on both edges the galaxy s20 Ultra actually less curvature than its predecessor and something that will please many

the phone will of course have an in display fingerprint scanner and we now believe it’s going to be Qualcomm newest more secure version unfortunately at this stage we don’t know what sense is being used in the selfie camera the river of course is completely different from its predecessor and what we were expecting five cameras along with two sensors we now believe it’s only going to be four we haven’t had any confirmation on what the two sensors are but we believe it’s gonna be a new nitrite sensor along with the laser autofocus it’s reportedly gonna contain Samsung’s one hundred and eight megapixel sensor is its main camera and this will allow for videos to be recorded at 8k at 30 frames a second

we believe it’s also gonna have a time of flight depth sensor and of course the 48 megapixel telephoto with five times optical zoom we’ve had plenty of leaks already regarding new features but one that’s causing a lot of excitement is Samsung’s 100 times space zoom it’s reported that the galaxy s20 ultra and the galaxy s20 plus are gonna have the 100 times super zoom feature although we currently don’t know how they’re gonna achieve this it’s most likely going to be using the periscope lens with digital zoom

the overall dimensions of the samsung galaxy s20 ultra come in at 160 6.9 by 76 by 8.8 millimeters but if we include the camera bump the thickness is ten point two we of course have a USB type-c port on the bottom with the speaker grille on the right on the left we’ve got a small hole for the primary microphone and there’s also a secondary mic on the top on the right side we’ve got the volume and power buttons and sad news for many is no three and a half mil headphone jack but this was to be expected after being removed from the note the phone is of course gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North America and the Exynos 990 globally some mobile said that we could see up to 12 gigs of ram with one terabyte storage and we’ve already seen benchmarks confirming this

the phone’s gonna ship with Android 10 in the form of 1 UI 2.1 and it will be ip68 water-resistant battery capacity is now expected to be huge 5,000 milliamp hours when it comes to fast charging we know it’s at least gonna be 25 watts and it’s also going to be capable of wireless and reverse wireless charging well the smaller models will be available in 4G and 5g variants it’s thought the galaxy s20 ultra is only gonna have a 5g model of course the 5g model will still work with 4G LTE networks as well

when it comes to pricing its predecessor launched at a price of $1,000 or 900 pounds so we can of course expect a slight increase and I would estimate the base model of the galaxy s20 ultra to start at $1,100 or 1024 enders it’s got a full screen display with a punch hole camera top center

the display is going to measure in its six point seven inches and it’s
again it’s gonna be a curved display with a 120 Hertz for a fresh rate the bezels on the top and the bottom are slimmer than its predecessor well the size look to remain the same we’ve got the volume and the power buttons on the right-hand side and these will be physical buttons on the rear we’ve again got the new rectangular shaped camera housing that we’ve been seeing a lot lately and the galaxy s20 plus is going to have four cameras on the rear

we know the main sensor will be a 108 megapixel sensor along with a 48 megapixel telephoto with five times optical zoom and one of them will no doubt be a time-of-flight depth sensor well the last lens is unknown we think that it will likely be a wide-angle camera or similar the devices of course powered by USB type-c but unfortunately there’s no three and a half mil headphone jack it’s gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North America in the Exynos 990 globally a Geekbench listing already appeared showing us a variant of the galaxy s20 plus with 12 gigs of ram this will most likely be the highest variant battery capacity is either 4300 of 4500 milliamp hours and it will of course come with Android 10 in the form of 1 UI 2.1 given that its predecessor launched in $900 that we can expect the galaxy s20 plus to be around the same but slightly higher

finally we put the smallest variant the galaxy s20 while it is the smaller model it is however much larger than its predecessor coming with a 6 point 4 inch curved display ice universe has now advised that this will also be 120 Hertz and we can see it looks similar to the other galaxy s20s just smaller on the rear of the galaxy s20 you were expecting a triple camera setup that should also include the 108 megapixel sensor along with the 48 megapixel telephoto and will likely see smaller Ram in storage configurations but it’s no doubt going to be an incredible device

we’ve got a battery capacity of 3700 milliamp hours and is gonna be using the same system on chips as the other two models and when it comes to pricing we can expect around $800 or 800 pounds we now know that the samsung galaxy s20 launched is going to be on the 11th of February 2020 in San Francisco but we’re unsure if all models going to be released together or if the ultra model may be released later on of course is any more information arises I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away


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