Sanders’ Wife Pledges to Vote For Trump ‘If The DNC Screws Bernie Again’


The Bernie Bros are going crazy again, and rightfully so. Just like in 2016, the DNC is banding together and conspiring to screw Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination for president.

Sanders is overwhelmingly more popular than Joe Biden. In terms of pure numbers, Sanders has double, even triple the support. He seemed assured to win, but now it looks as though some backroom deals have been made to have other contenders drop out of the race and promise to endorse Uncle Joe. It’s a subversion of democracy and a federal crime!

And so his supporters are very upset. Even his family is bothering us and they want to burn the Democratic National Committee to the ground. In fact, Sanders’ wife Julie has pledged her support for Donald Trump’s reelection if her husband is not the official nominee.

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination and is screwed yet again, I’ll be voting for Trump. These corrupt Democrats need to pay the price for their insolence! We’ve worked hard on this campaign for years and to just have it pulled from under us at the last minute is ridiculous. They hate us, so we will make them pay. Trump will make them pay.”

This will be an interesting twist on the General Election if it happens. Trump will be glad to have the support of the Sanders campaign and will even take up the Sanders socialist agenda. It will be a good day for Americans. Healthcare and raises will be had by all.


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