The Federal Court Orders Pelosi To Turn Articles of Impeachment Over to the Senate


Nancy Pelosi’s little stunt to hold the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate lasted all of a few hours. A federal judge has stepped in and ordered Pelosi to turn the sham articles over immediately so Mitch McConnell can do what he was elected to do and exonerate the President without bothering to hold an actual trial.

“This court agrees with the American people that the US Senate has to be allowed to do its job, which in this case is to make sure there’s no illegal coup in this country.

It is hereby ordered, under penalty of perjury, that Speaker Pelosi do HER job and allow the process to play out as instructed in the Constitution.”

Pelosi says she’ll appeal to the Supreme Court but she doesn’t expect it to go very far. “It’s irrelevant,” she told an aid in confidence, “I’ll hold them until they physically make me turn them over.”

The Supreme Court may have to weigh in, but that won’t go well. According to a former aid for Justice Scalia, Pelosi is walking on thin ice:

“The Supreme Court belongs to the GOP now. There’s no disputing it. They’ll do whatever they have to do to keep the libs from having any real power. Conservatives in this country won’t rest until Donald Trump’s good name is restored along with the 3 years he’s lost to this witch hunt.”

Everyone already knows that the Supreme Court is going to give Trump back those three years. This just speeds the process up a bit.Checkmate, Nancy. You lose again.


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