Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Federal Intervention In Portland A Planned Attack On The American People


I doubt all the protesters, rioters, looters, anarchists, Marxists, communists, saboteurs and provocateur are all American Citizens, Caryn. #DontBeACaryn

As opposed to Democrats who try to pi$$ down your back and say it’s raining. Never heard ‘spitting in our face and trying to convince us it’s raining’ ever.

She’s totally Fokked up that metaphor. Besides, her spiel has too many words, not to the point and shows she makes stuff up. Randomly piecing words together that don’t convey the correct analogy.

In her world, 🎶🎶 Raindrops keep falling on my face. It just doesn’t work. Not very safe walking around looking up to the sky in traffic.

VIDEO Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Maybe it’s time for me’ to leave the U.S.


“The View” co-have Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday said a conceivable Donald Trump administration flags that “possibly now is the right time” for her to move out of the nation.

Ms. Goldberg was reacting to a case by individual co-have Joy Behar that the Republican presidential leader “has a lot of Democratic propensities on the off chance that you see his record.”

“Tune in, he can be whatever party he needs to be,” Ms. Goldberg contributed, as indicated by a clasp gotten by Breitbart News. “What he can’t be is he can’t be the person that says it’s your blame stuff isn’t working. That is not the president I need. Figure out how to make stuff function.”

“Be that as it may, you can’t state, ‘Goodness, you’re Lebanese or you’re dark or you’re Mexican or you’re a lady.’ Stop accusing everyone. How about we fix the poo. Allows simply to fix it,” she proceeded.

“Furthermore, in the event that you can fix it, I will tune in to what you need to state. The moment you begin pointing and saying that individual is an attacker and a killer, it irritates me since I’ve been a piece of that when they simply utilize a sweeping proclamation to discuss dark individuals or when they utilize a sweeping articulation to discuss white individuals or ladies or some other gathering.

“I don’t feel that is America. I don’t need it to be America. Perhaps it’s the ideal opportunity for me to move, you know,” she included.
“Try not to say that,” Ms. Behar cautioned.


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